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Badminton is a very popular sport across much of the world. Its history can be traced back centuries when people were playing all sorts of different variations. Since 1992, badminton has become a Summer Olympic sport. But in more relevant terms, badminton is mostly seen as a casual outdoor activity, played in the park, in the yard, or on the beach. It’s a great activity for family and friends to do together. Yet, the sport of badminton has never really got the attention it deserved here in the United States.

Our Mission

This is where Badminton Village comes into play. David Woods, the owner of Badminton Village and a badminton lover himself, had a really hard time finding a proper badminton shop willing to provide all the equipment and services required for someone who would want to engage in this pastime. Our mission is, thus, to promote the sport here in the United States, provide the best gear on the market, and allow fans to come together and share ideas and techniques, schedule games, and talk about everything badminton.

The Badminton Shop

Located in New York City, our badminton shop will provide you with some of the highest quality accessories you will need to get going. These include everything from rackets to shuttlecocks, to shoes, and shirts, to netting, and whatever else that involves this easy and fun sport.
As part of our badminton shop, we will also be able to assist you with all that you need. Whatever question you might have about the sport, about the equipment, or technique, we are more than ready to answer and give advice. As there are no two people alike, so will their playing styles and need be different. We can help you customize your gear in such a way so as to maximize your performance, all the while keeping the sport engaging and fun to play. We also offer you tips on how to better play the sport, as well as to offer you some the best warm-up exercises to get the blood pumping.

Our Other Services

Our willingness to make badminton into the sport it deserves to be, don’t stop there. We will keep you up to date on all the goings-on in the world of badminton. These may range from what upcoming events may be happening around the world, to what breakthroughs have been made in terms badminton equipment. We’ll be sending you this information through our regular newsletter.
Our badminton shop offers free shipping around the world. We simply can’t stand idly by and watch as the beautiful sport of badminton becomes hindered by the added costs of shipping.
We also make use of Fast Delivery services, meaning that, no matter where you are, your equipment will be handed to you in 12 to 20 days, tops.

Furthermore, we also have a 30-day return guarantee. Nobody should have to play with badminton equipment that doesn’t fit their standards. And to make things even easier for our future badminton aficionados, we make use of payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, among the other conventional means, of course.

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